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Reef Crystals sea salt is the first formulation of enriched sea water to contain the additional benefit of elements important to Reef aquarium enthusiasts.

Formulated specially for the convenience of reef aquarists, Reef Crystals sea salt was the first enriched sea water formulation to contain elevated levels of components important to reef aquarists: calcium, selected trace elements, and vitamins – above natural sea water concentrations.

The inclusion of important components at concentrations greater than in natural sea water assures extended availability of substances that are assimilated and depleted quickly in thriving reef aquariums.

A special additive neutralises excess of heavy metals, such as copper, that are often found at elevated levels in domestic water supplies.

With Reef Crystals sea salt you can expect the same high quality as in Instant Ocean salt with added convenience because the most popular reef aquarium supplements have already been included. However for a traditional marine aquarium Instant Ocean is recommended for its outstanding quality and value for money.

Reef Crystals represents a significant improvement in the field of aquarium maintenance. Fully compatible with all salt water aquariums, it presents no danger to animals which are not specifically Reef-dwelling.


Helps many reef organisms form necessary shells or skeletal structures.

May eliminate the need for separate calcium supplements.


Provides extended availability of important elements to promote coralline algae growth.

May eliminate the need for additional trace element supplements.


Provide specific vitamin nutrients that are essential for optimum growth of invertebrates, corals, and anemones.


Neutralises excess heavy metals, such as copper, that are often found at elevated levels in domestic water supplies.

1. Additional calcium that enables Reef organisms to form their shells or skeletal structures.

2. Additional trace elements that provide additional important nutritional elements.

3. Additional vitamins that promote the optimal growth and survival of corals, anemones, algae, etc. 4

A neutraliser that eradicates the dangers presented by the heavy metals in the domestic water supply.


Provides a clear solution in minutes.

Allows for immediate usage.

Reaches and maintains proper pH quickly.

Special salt crystal structure makes Reef Crystals the fastest dissolving enriched sea salt available.


Guarantees consistency throughout.


Makes it easy to use.

Guarantees consistency throughout.

For every need, a solution.

Ecological packaging made with recycled materials and that are recyclable.

Package : bucket 25 kg - 750 L (gravity 1,020) + Bio-Degrader 250ml Gratis

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