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Innovative Marine AQUA Gadgets Gourmet Grinder – Improving the Daily Grind

Long work hours and busy schedules no longer prevent you from implementing a variety of food and consistent portion controlled feeding of your fish. The Patent-Pending AUQA Gadget Gourmet Grinder delivers a worry-free solution to hobbyist who values time, money and efficiency.

The Gourmet Grinder is the industry’s very first thumb operated pellet and flake food grinding system that dispenses food effortlessly with a simple pump and grind. The Gourmet Grinder can be loaded with your favorite choice of pellet or flake foods, and in a few seconds, grinding them up into various bite size morsels, perfect for small to medium fish.

The food filling process is simple, the built in feeding tube acts as a quick loader and allows you to fill your grinder quickly keeping your hands free from unwanted odors when touching the food. During feeding, the Gourmet Grinder allows the user to submerge the feeding tube into the water for a more accurate, precise and portion-controlled targeted feeding that keeps food contained in one area so it can be consumed before entering into your filter and polluting your aquarium.


For Fresh and Saltwater Fish

Ideal for Most Pellet and Flakes

Stainless steel and Cell-Cast Acrylic Construction

Reduces Waste and Maintains Water Quality

Targeted Portion Controlled Feeding

Thumb Operated/No Batteries Needed

Clear Window to see food levels

Cleaning Brush and Acrylic Stand Included

Years of Daily Use

Size : 25,6 см х 2,67 см

Stand : 3,2 cm x 7,6 cm

Food Holding Capacity of up to 18ml


Any Size Flakes

Pellets up to 3mm

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