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The KAMOER F4 WIFI dosing pump allows to program the dosages of trace elements with Android or iOS device.

The simplicity and usability of the application, and the accuracy of the dosing, make the KAMOER F4, the optimal dosing pump for the aquarium Hobbyist.

The small size of the case made entirely of aluminum (180mm x 135mm x 68mm) makes it possible to use the Kamoer F4 Wifi dosing pump in even very small spaces.

Important: it is necessary to use an Android or iOS device to program and operate the KAMOER F4 Wifi dosing pump.

Technical parameter

Power adapter Parameters

Input: Refer to the Power adapter label

Output: DC12V 1000mA


Working environment

Operating Temperature: 0-70 ℃

Working Humidity: 10%-90% (non-condensing)


Storage environment

Storage Temperature: -20℃-85℃

Storage Humidity: 10%-90% (non-condensing)



Dosing Channels: 4

Dosing times: 24 times/day--1 times/7 days

Liquid volume: 1 ml-1000 ml

Liquid accuracy: <±2%

Pump Tube Life: > 2000 hours



Support Pump head: 4 KPP pump head

Control interface: WiFi interface, PC software settings, mobile app settings

Extended interface: RS485



Size (length x Width x Height): 250x150x75 mm

Weight (without power adapter): 950 grams

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