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What is Rowaphos?

RowaPhos is a unique man made ferric hydroxide material specifically produced for efficient removal of phosphates, arsenic and silicates from fresh and salt water, having initially been developed in 
Germany for treating mains water supplies. As such it should not be confused with natural materials, which are generally based on aluminium oxide, (zeolite).

RowaPhos is manufactured using a Patented process which makes it physically and chemically completely different to the vast array of other iron based media which have sprung up to ride on the sucess of the Rowa product. Most of these products are iron oxide based and have a higher capacity for phosphate than aluminium based medias but do not touch the engineered properties of RowaPhos.

In an independent series of tests carried out by the Berlin Technical University on the five most commonly used phosphate removers at the time, RowaPhos was found to be the most efficient in removing phosphate from water. Other medias tested reached only to 30 – 40 % of its removal capacity by weight. Additionally RowaPhos was found to continue to remove phosphates at lower concentrations and had a higher maximum holding capacity.

RowaPhos Tips For Use

To obtain the best results from RowaPhos and to keep your tank at zero phosphate levels it is important when starting up a new tank or on an existing tank with phosphate levels to use RowaPhos on a permanent basis.

RowaPhos will absorb phosphate, silicates and arsenic. It is entirely safe in both fresh and saltwater systems. It does not release, when exhausted, any chemicals back into the water. ie phosphate, silicates or arsenic.

The recommended requirement and it is only changed when phosphate levels coming out of the reactor, where it is placed, begin to rise after approximately six to seven months.

How to use:

Never wash the product unless fluidising.

It must be kept damp at all times, it is not as effective if it dries out therefore, replace the lid if not using all of the container.

Place the product between two layers of filter wool in a canister filter.

Do not sprinkle into the aquarium.

Do not place it into water without surrounding it with filter wool.

When placed in a fluidised reactor or canister filter it is possible to measure zero phosphate leaving the canister, the flow should be turned down until that is achieved.

We recommend that you use a small quantity and replace regularly rather than a large amount and infrequently.

We recommended that you maintain your phosphate levels as follows:

In saltwater aquariums below 0.015ppm (P) (0.05ppm (PO4))

In freshwater aquariums and ponds below 0.03ppm (P) (0.1ppm (PO4))

Use of large quantities may cause a temporary drop in pH which will return to normal after a number of hours.

Fluidising RowaPhos

For simplicity of use and to maximise the life and effectiveness of the media we recommend that RowaPhos should be fluidised in a fluidised reactor.

This method makes the whole surface area available for adsorption from the water stream.

When fluidising RowaPhos we suggest that the media is first flushed through in the reactor with fresh water to remove any fines, which would otherwise temporarily discolour the tank. The fines are not harmful but may be seen by some as unsightly especially if they settle on the base of the aquarium or on rocks.

Note that this advice is contrary to that given for normal use in a sock or canister filter where we recommend that RowaPhos is used unwashed.

To flush the media, first place it in the fluidised reactor and then connect the reactor to a freshwater supply. Slowly feed water through the unit being careful not to over fluidise the RowaPhos, discarding the brown water that first exits the reactor.

When this water starts to clear, switch off the water supply and carefully tip the reactor to remove any excess fresh water above the media.

Connect the unit back up to a saltwater feed and carefully turn on the flow until the surface of the RowaPhos just starts to move. Any remaining discolouration of the water will quickly disappear.


Package : 1000 ml

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