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Salifert Carbonate Hardness/Alkalinity(KH) Test Kit - Professional test kit for carbonate hardness and alkalinity.
Precision alkalinity test kit allows proper aquarium supplementation
Alkalinity plays an important role in maintaining stable aquarium pH
High-end alkalinity test kit for serious aquarium hobbyists.
Maintaining proper carbonate hardness and alkalinity is essential for all types of aquariums, especially marine reef aquariums. Carbonate hardness and alkalinity has an intricate relationship with pH, calcium, the buffering capacity of aquarium water, as well as healthy coral growth.

The Salifert Carbonate Hardness/Alkalinity Test Kit is very sensitive and measures changes in alkalinity levels in 0.3 dKH or 0.1 meq/L increments.
For marine or freshwater aquarium use. 100 - 200 tests.

Range: 0.3 to 32.0 KH or 0.11 to 11.42 meg/L.

Use the syringe and add 4 ml of water in the test vial. For a lower resolution and more tests per kit add 2 ml instead of 4 ml.
Shake the KH-Ind bottle a few times and add 2 drops in the test vial (1 drop for the low resolution mode).
Put the plastic tip firmly on the syringe. Make sure the plastic tip of the syringe is constantly submersed in the KH reagent. Then draw the KH reagent into the syringe until the lower end of the black piston is exactly at the 1.00 ml mark. There will be some air present just below the piston. This is the air that was present between the end of the plastic tip and the piston. This will not influence the test result.
Add the KH reagent in the syringe, one drop at a time, to the water in the test tube. Swirl after each drop and continue this process until the color changes from blue/green to orange-red or pink color (whichever color is observed first).
Hold the syringe with the tip facing upward and read the position of the black piston. The syringe has graduations of 0.01 ml.
Note: Natural seawater has a KH of 8 dKH or alkalinity of 2.9 meq/L

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